The Dealernews Powersports Expo in Cincinnati is the biggest annual trade event in the American motorcycle market, drawing more than 500 exhibitors and personnel from nearly 8,000 dealerships. However, the bi-annual International Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition in Milan, Italy, is even more spectacular.


Sponsored by the National Association of Bicycle and Motomwie Manufacturers (ANCMA is the Italian acronym), the Milan show hosts nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 25 countries. Attendance for the trade days limited to members of the industry and press only) exceeds 25,000… and then they open the doors to the general public! The 75th anniversary Milan show had almost 800,000 visitors during the week-long exhibition in the Fall Of 1993.

Even after eliminating the bicycle contingent Milan is still a huge gathering of motor-cycle industry representatives and enthusiasts The exhibit hall covers a half-million sq./fl of space, divided into 11 separate pavilions.

The 1993 event was of additional importance because an American Pavilion was established to drum up European business for American motor-cycle firms. Among the participants in the American Pavilion in Milan were Advanstar Expositions, Cobra Engineering, Dealernews magazine, Drag Specialties, IMAX, J&M Corporation, Nady Systems, O’Neal USA, Park V Leather, Slippery When Wet, Snell Memorial Foundation, Spectro Oils Of America, Sprocket Specialists, Stickerworld, THOR, White Bros. and Zero Gravity.


Dealemews wasn’t the only magazine to have a presence in the American Pavilion, Petersen Publishing’s motorcycle division was out in force, with reps from Dirt Rider, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider. In addition to the Petersen publications, most of the major enthusiast magazines in America had correspondents on hand (you may have seen their updates in your Cycle News and your favorite consumer magazines).

The tie-in between the American Pavilion in Milan and the Dealernews Powersports Expo in Cincinnati is that both are made possible through the efforts of Advanstar Expositions. Advanstar Expositions also produces the 10-stop Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows consumer events

“We produced the American Pavilion in response to our U.S.-based customers who wanted to bring their products to Europe in a cost-effective manner,” says Advanstar Expositions’ VP Mike Webster. “We return the favor by having an Italian Pavilion at the International Motorcycle Shows for the general public and at the Dealernews Powersports Expo in Cincinnati. The idea is to promote motorcycle business on a global scale.”

The concept seems to work. Attendee Tom White of White Bros. says his company had a great deal of success in Milan, a lot of which he attributes to the accessibility of the show. “The show made it very easy to do business in Europe,” says White. “We were located in the right hall and although our company hired our own interpretor, Advanstar hired enough interpretors to go around, which made it real easy. For anyone doing business in Eruope, this show is the best way to see the most customers.”


White added that the show was so easy and accessible, he almost felt as if he wasn’t in another country. “It was almost as if we missed Italy because we were in a hotel where everybody spoke English,” he says. “The show was great and I hope that it just keeps getting bigger and better in the future.”

Just as the American firms were happy to broaden their business opportunities abroad, most of the firms in this year’s Italian Pavilion at the Powersports Expo represent return engagements. Some new outfits have also come onboard to meet with American motorcycle dealers first-hand.

In addition to satisfied participants on both sides of the Atlantic, Advanstars show in the U.S. and Italy are endorsed by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). To get a taste of the Milan show, stop by the Italian Pavilion at the Dealernews Powersports Expo (Booth #1312, 1313, 1314, 1315), or start making arrangements now to attend the 1995 show (remember, the event is bi-annual).

For more details on Milan and the Italian motorcycle industry, contact the Italian Trade Commission, 1801 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90067; phone (213) 879-0950 or FAX (310) 203-8335. Questions concerning the Dealernews Powersports Expo in Cincinnati, the Cycle World Intemational Motc)rcycle Shows or the American Pavilion, contact Advanstar Expositions, 201 E. Sandpointe, Suite 600, Santa Ana, CA 92707-5761; phone (714) 513-8400 or FAX (513) 8481.


The bi-annual International Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition in Milan, Italy is considered the most spectacular trade event in the motorcyle industry. Almost 2,000 exhibitors from 25 countries participate in the event, with attendance for the trade days, which is limited to industry members and press people, breaching the 25,000-mark. For the 75th anniversary show, nearly 800, 000 visitors attended.

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